How To Add Spaces In Your Instagram Captions

Hello social media-ers!  Tanya here!  One of the most common DMs I get is, "How do you add the spacing in your Instagram captions like that?" so I am going to give you the 411 on how I do it. 
On Instagram when the caption is one giant paragraph, people mentally check out because it looks like so much to read.  When you add spaces and break up your sentences, and even change the font, it makes it easier to keep people's attention and increases your engagement. 

Here's how to add spaces and change the font of your Instagram Captions:
Copy and paste the link below in your notepad in your phone (to save it), type up your caption in Instagram with the spacing that you want in Instagram, copy it, paste it in the link I gave you, and then copy it from the website, paste it in your caption and BOOM!  You have the spacing that you want. 
Here's the website to edit spacing and font for your caption:
You can even italicize the font, or make it bold. 
If this added value to you, leave me a comment below or on my Instagram post!
Happy Social Media-ing!
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