Influence While You Can on Social Media

The term "Influencer" is known as someone on social media that has a lot of followers, that works with brands, and gets paid from companies to post about their product or services.  In my opinion, that's changing quickly.

If you've known me or followed me on social media for some time, you know I've been a social media marketer since the MySpace days.  I've seen the shifts and I've seen the changes.

One thing I am observing now is that everyone is "influencing" others.  If you are using social media to market yourself or your brand, it doesn't matter if you have 500 followers or 5000 followers, you are influencing people. 

More importantly, you are utilizing this AMAZING free tool where you can post something about your business or yourself, and you reach 200 people, 500 people, 2000 people or 20000 people, without even leaving your couch, office, or bed!  This is unheard of.  

You no longer have to get dressed and go out to a mixer to meet 50 people.  You can now market yourself to hundreds or thousands, and network from your phone from anywhere and grow your business!

I hear people complain about engagement, the algorithm, followers, but what I feel people are losing sight from is that Social Media is so new, it's never going to be this cheap or accessible again.  

I believe as time goes on social media will be like TV or Radio ads where it is very expensive to be seen by many.  Right now, we can reach hundreds or thousands for free and for an extra $5 we can reach an extra 500 targeted people!!

As time goes on, big shifts are starting to occur.  Instagram has removed "likes" on pictures from various countries all over the world, and is now even testing this on some Instagram accounts in the US.  I've seen the slight increase in Facebook and Instagram Ads over the years. Things are changing.

So today, remember this- YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER.  YOUR ACCOUNT IS AN INFLUENCER.  YOUR BUSINESS IS AN INFLUENCER.  Every post you post is influencing people's buying decisions and if they want to hire you or your business.

People are googling you and your business, and what comes up? Facebook and Instagram because these social media platforms are spending TONS of money on SEO and marketing and come up at the top of all searchs.  So even if your posts don't reach a ton of people, social media is marketing you and your business to people and you don't even know it. 

Don't know how to use social media?  Need to outsource your social media?  DM me on Instagram!  My social media marketing company is the perfect outsourcing solution for those looking to take advantage of this social media boom.

Take advantage of social media now while it's new.  It won't be like this forever.



Tanya Kara

@tanyakara_ on IG 



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